The innocence and magic of NanhiPari’s in Baalveer

The innocence and magic of NanhiPari’s in Baalveer


Baal Veer’s latest track will see three NanhiPari’s advancing towards Parilok to learn the qualities of a skilled Pari. They are here to learn magic and its different uses.


Their first teacher is AaarpaarPari who teaches them different ways in how they can use the power of aarpaar. The second teacher, NatkhatPari tutors them on new ways of magic. The three NanhiPari’s enjoy their time in Parilok, learning new and insightful nuances of magic.


On the other hand, back on Earth, a group of terrorists kidnap some school children and Baalveer, Baalsakshi and Baalmitra rescue the children. However, they soon have to face trouble as Shatir and TaubaTauba hatch an evil plan to expose the three children in front of everyone by sprinkling magical water on them. As a part of their plan, the magical water will function as a catalyst for them to be visible as super heroes for everyone on Earth, thus revealing their identities. When Rani Pari learns about these incidents, she decides to give the task to NaniPari’s of saving Baalveer, Baalsakshi and Baalmitra from the effect of the magical water. Prachandika soon learns about the NanhiPari’s and decides to use them against Parilok.


Will the NanhiPari’s be able to save Baalveer, Baalsakshiand Baalmitra from the magical water? Or will they fall prey to Prachandika’s evil plan?


To know more tune into Baalveer from Monday –Friday at 8pm only on SAB TV!!!



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