Viraf Phiroz Patel’s inner adrenaline junkie

Viraf Phiroz Patel’s inner adrenaline junkie


Mahesh Bhatt’s much awaited comeback on the silver screen, Naamkarann on Star Plus has already begun. This time round he chose the beautiful heavenly abode of Sonmarg in Kashmir, to shoot few scenes from the episodes. The show’s lead actor seemed to have the time of his life shooting in the near to freezing point in India’s heaven on earth. The entire crew was supposedly freezing in the penetrating climate and wore extra covers to keep themselves warm.


Viraf Phiroz Patel, the show’s lead actor, being the adventure junkie he is, could not stop himself from doing the crazy after the shoot ended in Sonmarg. The scene required for the actors to shoot on location on the banks of a river where the actor’s inner adrenaline boasted. Viraf maintained a disciplined schedule while on location and during scenes, until the shoot ended for them in Kashmir. While they were all set to pack up and leave the location, the actor couldn’t control himself watching the beautifully flowing river, his brain was filled with an adrenaline rush, so he jumped in the freezing river just to experience the adventure!


The entire crew was taken aback watching him perform such a daredevil stunt and called for help. To the entire crew’s relief, despite the penetrating temperature around and in the river, the actor swam and walked out of the river just fine. But Viraf loved the attention he was getting with the extra care that was being showered on him since he is the show’s lead actor and the shooting could not continue without him.


Watch Naamkarann from 12th September at 9 pm only on STAR Plus.


For further information, contact:

PR24x7 Network Limited

Atul Malikram



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