Arjun turns Nagarjun


Arjun turns Nagarjun


~The secret of Mahabharat era unveils on 21st Septemberas Arjun finally undergoes the transformation to become the first super hero of Indian television, Nagarjun~


Since its inception, Nagarjun – EkYoddha promised to disclose a secret rooted deeply in the Mahabharat time. The show promised the viewers a unique story of Arjun- the protagonist, the prophecy that surrounds him and the untold story of a mythological conspiracy. After building the suspense up and setting up the premise, the moment that everyone has been waiting for is here. The Indian super-hero that was promised all this whilewill come alive on the television screens as Arjun finally undergoes the transformation from Arjun, a boy next door to Nagarjun, the superhero.


The highly advanced VFX used for this sequence will be a visual treat to the eyes and will add more life to the sequence. The episode will involve lots of fight sequences, flashbacks from the Mahabharat era and a never seen before avatar of Arjun. The upcoming episodes will have Takshaka, the King of Snakes who will extract Arjun’s soul and turn him into Naagarjun, a monster that Takshak will want to use as a weapon against earth. The exciting action sequences will show Arjun fighting back and finally transforming into Nagarjun. He will be seen using his powers in full force to not just save his love, Noorie but also his own humanity when they get trapped in Naglok.


A special promo has also been created to highlight this crucial high point of the show and the promo is breath taking as it gives the audience a feeler of what’s in store ahead. Even Anshuman Malhotra who plays the lead role of Arjun has been training under experts to prepare for the intense fight sequences he has opposite Mrunal Jain and NikitinDheer.


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