Rangeela casts a spell on Baalveer trapping him into a painting



The painter Rangeela charms the audiences with his mystical powers in Baalveer this week. Rangeela possess a magical painting brush that enables him to capture the good images of humans in his painting and forward the bad images on earth.


The forever evil Prachandika and her comrades Tauba Tauba and Shatir plan to bring Rangeela on their side and use his painting brush to trap Baalveer, Baalsakhi and Baalmitra. Finally they succeed in capturing the good image of Baalveer inside the painting and on the other hand the other kids on earth start turning evil under the spell of the Jadui brush.


What will happen to Baalveer and the rest of the kids? Will Baalveer succeed to free himself of Rangeela’s and Prachandika’s evil plans?


Dev Joshi who plays Baalveer said, “My character who is known for defeating Prachandika’s evil plans finally get captured in a situation where it’s very difficult for him to come out. I am sure that the story line for this week is going to be absolutely captivating for the audiences. ”


Watch this week’s episode of Jadui Brush on Baalveer to know more.


To know more tune into Baalveer from Monday –Friday at 8pm only on SAB TV!!!



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