Om Puri spreads Gandhigiri in the village.


Veteran Actor Om Puri who was shooting for his film Gandhigiri in small time village in Uttar Pradesh which is ranked the highest when it comes to crimes has gone to great lengths to try and change the scenario. We all know that Om Puri is very supportive when it comes to social cause. The actor walked an extra mile and educated the villagers against such crimes and has made extra efforts to educate them as a result of which, studies now say that the actor has influenced so many people in a positive way that the crime rate has actually reduced. “keeping the genre of the film in mind we are very fortunate to be in a position where we can influence people and if we can use that power to change lives for the better then there is nothing like it. As a citizen of this country if i can contribute even little to the society i would consider myself lucky”, says the source close to the production house. All we can say is that the actor not only follows gandhigiri for his films but in real life too.



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