Ghotak to make Puppy his Guru.


Ghotak to make Puppy his Guru.


Chidyaghar is back with another hilarious story this week. The current track will have Puppy flirt with Koyal again, however this time around Ghotak is patiently observing Puupy’s behaviour.


While travelling in train Ghotak comes across a Pandit who informs him about some problem in his horoscope and that his stars are currently not favouring him. The pandit also gives him a solution and asks him to follow the first bachelor he sees in the morning and give him the position of a guru in his life. Ghotak follows the instructions given by his pandit and connects everything that he has said to every situation he faces. Next day Ghotak sees puppy and recalls what the pandit had asked him to do. He then decides to make Puppy his Guru. The situation gets out of hand when Puppy starts taking advantage of Ghotak’s plight and starts flirting with Koyal.


Paresh Ganatra who plays Ghotak on the show adds, “This story is actually very hilarious because this time Ghotak will be the one who will plead to Puppy. When puppy gets to know about Ghotak’s he takes advantage of the situation and makes Ghotak do things to just annoy him. And this is where he flirts with Koyal to annoy Ghotak.”


How will Ghotak stop Puppy from is tactics to irritate him? How will he stop Puppy from flirting with Koyal?



To find out tune into ChidyaGhar, Monday to Friday, 9pm only on Sony SAB!!!




Atul Malikram




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