ITM University Raipur Conducted Traffic Awareness Drive


Raipur, September 2016: Today, road accidents have become a part and parcel of our life and unfortunatelythis accident occursmostly due to reckless driving, poor knowledge about traffic regulation, speed, over takes etc. This year, ITM University had organised a week long campaign on safe driving and traffic awareness across Raipur and Naya Raipur from 11th to 17th September.


The main objective behind the drive was to spread as much awareness as possible among the people,especially the bikers.  Around total no of 200 students participated in the campaign along with few faculty members. Commenting on the drive, Hon. Vice Chencellor, Dr. Sanjay Kumar said “If we make our younger generation aware of simple things about traffic regulations, then many of these accidents can be averted”.


To alert and educate people regarding safety of wearing helmets, a helmet rally was organized for the bikers. Also, thank you cards were gifted to the people who followed basic traffic guidelines. Dr. Prasad Kolla, Head Life & Allied Sciences said, “Compared to last few years, only a few number of passerby were found breaking traffic rules and regulations. This makes us happy that our campaign is adding values into people life. We will continue this drive in the nearby future and try to aware as many people as possible”.


The drive came to an end with a brief lecture & demonstration on basic traffic norms to prevent oneself from accident.



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