Lakmé Salon is helping Brides-to-be ILLUMINATE with its Show Stopping Bridal Collection2016


Lakmé Salon is helping Brides-to-be ILLUMINATE with its Show Stopping Bridal Collection2016

~launched in collaboration with designer Payal Khandwala~


Mumbai September , 2016: The dawn of every new era has witnessed the magnificence and legendary beauty of many powerful women, who epitomized confidence and grace. This year,the Lakmé Salon Bridal Stylists in collaboration with Payal Khandwala bring to you the Show Stopping Illuminate Bridal Collection. Inspired by the Lakmé Salon Bridal showby Payal Khandwala at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter Festive 2016, the collection focuses on giving the new age bride her stately moment to Illuminate and feel just like a king on her dream day.


A refreshing take on the Indian bride, the collection focuses on allowing thenew-age bride to radiate on her special day. Lakmé Salon Hair and Makeup experts Shailesh Moolya and Sushma Khan showcase hair that’s nothing but regal and eyes that command attention, in this season’s bridal collection. Shailesh Moolya, National Creative Director, Hair,Lakmé Salon says “Lakmé Salon provides the latest trends and innovative services for the new age bride. This year, the hair styles for the collection book are modern and chic, catering to the bridal needs of every woman.”

Sushma Khan, National Creative Director – Makeup, Lakmé Salon elaborates, “Inspired by this year’s kingly bride, the makeup colour palette ranges from elegant pastels to royal reds and golds. The Lakmé Salon collectionwill illuminate the modern bride’s look with elegance and opulence”. Disha Meher, National Expert – Skin and Nails, Lakmé Salon adds, “Lakmé Salon has ensured that details like the bride’s nails also reflect the illuminate theme. The collection will feature Nail art with rich hues, glitter and gems.”


The gorgeous bridal looks that will be a part of the collection book are:

  • Imperial Ruby: Encapsulating the majestic auras of dynamic women, this look is an artistic melange of complementary shades, red and gold. Hues of gold and brown have been blended on the eyes that have with a dewy, elegantly strobed base with red lips and a regal bindi.






  • Regal Charm: The pastel bride will highlight sheer elegance with its soft-toned, shimmery base. Subtle shades of blue and retro eyeliner, while a soft blend of pearl on the inner corners gives this look an ethereal feel. A graceful bouffant with loose curls enhances this retro theme.
  • Crowning Glories: Envisioning the opulent lifestyle of ruling women, this look exhibits a deep gradient of purple blended with gold in the eyes, defined with sharp edges of kohl. Elegantly twirls of hair, with an up-style bun defines the crown on a reigning empress with natural flowers and a golden maang-tika.
  • Glowing Diva: This look paints the alluring and feminine qualities of iconic women. Classic red lips and a blue glitter tattoo, gives this look its luxurious feel. Forming the focus of this hairstyle is a deep side-parted French braid, twisted with curls.
  • Supreme Ruler: Opulent shades of bronze and gold have been flawlessly merged on the eyes. Illuminating the dewy base is a golden-bronze shimmer that blends with the beautiful Indian skin tone. This hairstyle is adorned with locks of wavy hair that forms an attractive bun.
  • Royal Radiance: This look captures the divine features of a warrior queen. Mesmeric like an illuminated night sky, the eyes have been given a smoky effect with shades of metallic purple and pink. While a golden glittery tattoo on the arms, adds drama to this look.
  • Iconic Sparkle: Neutral shades of lilac are skilfully blended to form a perfectly strobed, dewy base, contrasted with deep purple lips.Soft and velvety, tulip styled plaits have been intertwined with milk maid braids, forming the tiara of this classy, up-style bun.
  • Majestic Flair: Bringing to life the flair of powerful women, this look blends magnetic shades of gold and black with subtle hues of pink. Complementary shades of orange and pink form the perfectly strobed base for dewy skin and lips, enhancing the entire look. A neat up-style bun forms the crown of this look.


Lakmé Salon is here to help you plan ahead of time with bespoke beauty services so you can glow like a goddess, exuding a luminous radiance by prepping your Hair, Skin and Body using our beauty services. Our bouquet of head-to-toe pre-bridal services will tailor to your every need and our professionally trained bridal stylists will complete your Illuminate FINISH and have you STYLED to perfection for your big day. It’s time to embrace the ‘flawless look’ with high definition and air brushed make up, coupled with the trendiest hairstyles!




  • Moroccan Liquid Gold Ritual: Specially designed to rejuvenate your skin’s ageless glow. It helps your skin maintain the necessary levels of collagen, which diminishes due to age and the rough environmental conditions. It is also effective against aging, cell degeneration, skin inflammation, dryness and slight acne.
  • The Fashionista Facial: An elixir to all your skin problems, this facial will rejuvenate, lighten and detoxify your skin! Infused with rich minerals, treat yourself to the goodness of a thermal mask that enhances the glow of your skin by reducing tan and dullness.
  • Luminance 3+ Facial: The secret to beautiful skin is no longer a mystery. With this signature Lakmé ritual, that comes with 3 benefits of nourishment, radiance and the power to reduce dark spots, it’s time to pamper your skin, prepping it for special occasions.
  • Perfect Radiance Illuminate Facial: A power packed facial with potent skin lightening active ingredients for an intense illuminating result that helps skin look glowing and supple instantly.



  • Moroccan Smooth Spa – This intensive treatment uses the goodness or Argan oil to condition and treat dry, damaged and frizzy hair.
  • Health Boost- Restore the nutrients in your tresses and bring them back to life with this strengthening treatment.



  • Candy Crush Manicure/Pedicure– Containing a combination of natural butters and pure essential oils and adorable cupcake like detoxifying effervescent Strawberry and Blueberry bath bombs, this manicure and pedicure promises to leave hands and feet soft, smooth and rejuvenated.
  • Chocolate Manicure/Pedicure- The antioxidants present in Chocolate will nourish your dry and dehydrated hands and feet.






Encapsulate the supremacy of majestic women in every look with Lakmé Salon’sShow Stopping Illuminate Bridal Collection look bookthis year! The looks will be available across Lakmé Salons in the country from September 2016 onwards.

For further information, contact:

PR24x7 Network Limited

Atul Malikram




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