Liliput will be seen in Y.A.R.O kaTashan.

Liliput will be seen in Y.A.R.O kaTashan.

Seasoned actor M.M. Faruqui aka Liliputhas bagged a cameo role in the ongoing show of Sony SAB.

The actor will soon be seen in Y.A.R.O. kaTashan wherein he will play an imposter who will come to loot money from the family of Mr. Agarwal (Rakesh Bedi).

Liliput will pose to be Mr. Agarwal’s childhood friend Harshvardhan, but in reality he will be a thief in disguise. The story will bring forth hilarious situations wherein the family will have to put up with the plans of the guy.

Speaking to Liliput, he adds, “It was pleasure working with SAB TV and Y.A.R.O kaTashan. Infact, it was after a long time that I worked with Rakesh Bedi who is also a dear friend of mine. I got to meet new actors and we built a good relation in such a short span. I loved playing the character of Harshvardhan. The entire team is so lively and even the Director himself was so friendly I didn’t feel I was working on new show.”

To know more stay tuned to Y.A.R.O kaTashan, Monday to Friday, 7.30pm only on Sony SAB!!!


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