‘May I Come In, Madam?’ actor Sandeep Anand to quit the show?

Life Ok - May I Come In Madam29929.jpg


Television actor Sandeep Anand torn between quitting popular show, May I Come In, Madam? and taking up Bollywood offer.

For most actors, television serves as a stepping stone to films. Sandeep Anand, who plays the lead role in May I Come In, Madam?. May quit the popular show for a Bollywood offer.

One of the top-running shows on Like OK, May I Come In, Madam? had become a mass favourite in the comedy genre, but with Sandeep’s exit, the numbers may dwindle. Given this, the show’s producers are trying to convince the actor to change his mind, we hear.

An insider reveals, “They are trying their best to retain him. They have offered him a huge hike and are also trying to work out timings for his convenience.”

Sandeep Anand who plays Sajan is yet to make a decision at this point.

When asked him about the same, Sandeep said that “Every actor wants to grow and this is a brilliant opportunity, something I had been waiting for. However, I am in two minds. My show has become popular and people love my character; it will be a very difficult decision. But I am still in talks (with the TV show makers) and we are trying to work out something that will suit both parties.”

He also doesn’t divulge details about the Bollywood offer: “I cannot reveal much about the film, but it is a prestigious project and has an aesthetic subject. It is a huge deal for me, but I can’t part ways with the show either. Let’s see how it turns out.”


Watch “May I come in Madam?” every Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm on Life OK.


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