Savdhaan India now encourages people to combat crime ‘Darr ke nahi Dattkar’


Sushant Singh, Divya Dutta and Mohit Mallik as Savdhan India hosts during their Delhi Press Conference. 1.JPG


Starting 26th September 2016, Savdhaan India launches its new season to empower and enable India against crime



September 2016: Since its inception, Savdhaan India- Life OK’s highly rated and longest running crime fiction series has been cynosure of all eyes. Savdhaan India overnight became a force to be reckoned with because of its unique concept that struck a chord with the common Indian man. After 4 successful years of alerting the citizens against crime and giving them the boost to fight back, the show has advanced from not only showcasing real life incidents but also acknowledging brave hearts and celebrating the power of the common man with Samman Awards.


As it steers ahead, the show is all set to start its 5th season in a more hard-hitting avatar.  Savdhaan India is revamping its content to give its viewers an all new experience with the introduction of a new theme ‘darrkenahi, dattkar’. The thought behind this is to empower the audiences and motivate them to stand up against crime at home, outside and even in the virtual world.


Crime rate in India is growing at an alarming rate. The total number of reported kidnappings in India is around a whopping 82,999/year incidents whereas rape and assault against women grew from 607 to 712 and 1,626 to 2,008 respectively from 2014 to 2015 just in Mumbai. With the rocketing crime rates, today, almost every individual has had a brush against some crime and have been in situations where-in they feared for their safety. Savdhaan India’s new and refreshed edition will sensitize people on such real life cases. The insight behind the motto of the new season is that as Indians, we live in constant fear of escalating a bad situation. We ignore eve-teasers, bullies, petty criminals with the attitude of “let it go”. These situations escalate into bigger crimes only because of this fear that stops us from stepping up at the right time. Hence, the way we can win this war against crime is by conquering our fears first and overcoming this existing mindset.


In order to empower people across the country, hosts of the show, Sushant Singh, Divya Dutta and Mohit Malik came to Delhi to empower people and promote the new philosophy ‘darrkenahi, dattkar’. They interacted with the citizens of Delhi and encouraged them to become the change makers, to take a pledge to face their fears and educated them on how to be mindful of various situations that could put their security at risk.


Sushant Singh who has been hosting the show since its inception said, “Savdhaan India has become my identity as people associate me so strongly with the show. I feel honored to be a part of something so noble and this time the new season and its message is going to leave people feeling more encouraged than ever to take a step against crime rather than submitting to it. In these 4 years of being associated with the show, I’m seeing a change, a step closer each year to the dream of making India crime free. With the new season I sincerely urge every Indian to combat crime darrkenahi, dattke”.


Savdhaan India has believed in talking about relevant issues to spread awareness and celebrating the common man’s immense power to bring about societal change and justice. Sticking to the show’s signature “this really happened’ factor”- this new season – with unforgettable stories of real life crime and bravado in the face of fear – will be something no Indian would want to miss.



Stay Tuned to Savdhaan India to catch some of the most unnerving stories from starting 26th September at 10:00 pm only on Life OK








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