Wedding bells for Ravi and Devika in Kalash – EkVishwaas


Wedding bells for Ravi and Devika in Kalash – EkVishwaas


Finally, the wait is over!!


Fans of Life OK’s popular and long running show Kalash – EkVishwaas can rejoice as the leads of the show Ravi (KripSuri) and Devika (Aparna Dixit) are all set to tie the knot.


Yes, from the time the show has begun, viewers have watched the ups and downs in Devika and Ravi’s life, but now they can see the duo getting married and this will be a visual treat to them.


In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness high voltage drama. At the day of the wedding, Nivedita finds Devika’s picture in Ravi’s phone and is worried that Ravi is still not able to get over Devika. Looking at this Ambika will offer her help to Nivedita. However bottom line remains that after much hoha and chaos, Ravi and Devika do manage to get married.


When asked Aparna about the same, she said, “Finally Ravi andDevika are all set to get married again. Like it’s said that history repeats itself, in their first wedding Devika didn’t know whom she is getting married to. She realized it later that Ravi has taken Saket’s place. Similarly now Devika has done the same with Ravi. Of course for a different reason now. I am really hoping the audience to like the upcoming track because after a very long separation finally Ravi and Devika will be staying together.”


Watch Kalash – EK Vishwaas Mon – Fri at 8:30 P.M only on Life OK
Atul Malikram



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