IcchapyaariNaagin to slither her way into your hearts

the-pratap-family-with-icchapyaari-naagin-priyal-gor IcchapyaariNaagin to slither her way into your hearts

The show will seePriyalGor, Mishkat Verma in the lead

Mumbai, 26th September, 2016


For decades, snakes aka ‘Naagins’ have been shown to be evil, vengeful creatures. But in reality are they as wicked and vicious as projected? Sony SAB’s new show IcchapyaariNaagin aims to show a fresh take and perspective on the lives of snakes. The lead protagonist ‘Iccha’ who is a quintessential innocent naagin is chosen to go change the perception ofsnakeson Earth. IcchapyaariNaagin premiers on 27th of September 2016, every Monday to Friday at 20:00 hours. The show will see PriyalGor, Mishkat Verma and Farida Dadi playing pivotal roles.

IcchapyaariNaaginwill show the lives and stories of two realms, one, that of on Earth and the other, of Naagistaan. Icchadescends on Earth aiming to bust various myths on naags and naagins with her kindness and helpful nature unlike the infamous sorcerous Iccha‘dhaari’ naagins.While on Earth, Iccha ends up staying safe with the Pratap family who are Pehelwans by profession. Through her stay on earth she understands the societal lives and struggles of people, the culture, rules and norms of the society and how some virtues are enriching but some are inconsequential to the peaceful existence of people. Her innocent and curious self, questions such cases resulting in a revelation amongst humans of how wonderful life is and that we should be grateful for having people who care and love us in our lives. IcchapyaariNaagin is an enchanting yet hilarious tale of Iccha’s journey as she spreads happiness and makes humans more aware of the significance of relationships and love for each other.

Essaying the role of Iccha, the vivacious PriyalGor plays the pertinent lead in the show along with Mishkat Verma as Bubble Pratap who she starts falling in love with. As the story unfolds, viewers will witness a riveting journey full of humour, romance, suspense and drama.




Mr. Anooj Kapoor, Senior EVP and Business Head, Sony SAB

“We have always believed in innovating and creating disruptive content. In an age where regressive supernatural content is shown on television, Iccha’s portrayal of a friendly, innocent and completely harmless ‘naagin’ itself is refreshing. Moreover, she utilizes her supernatural powers only for social good. We hope viewers love our brand new take on Naags and Naagins.”


Mr. Siddharth Malhotra, Producer, IcchapyaariNaagin

“The idea of IcchapyaariNaagin came to us from SAB’s creative team, together we developed the concept further to create this unusual yet entertaining show. In the show, Iccha, our protagonist, is given the mantle by her community to make humans see the good side of them. While on earth, she wins people over with her purity and sweetness but what follows in her life are obstacles which she has never thought of and emotions which she has never felt before. I hope the audiences love our fresh and light-hearted take on ‘naagins’.”


IcchapyaariNaaginpremiers on 27th September, from Monday – Friday, 8pm only on Sony SAB!

For further information, contact:

PR24x7 Network Limited

Atul Malikram





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