Ichha pyaari gets caught in a Mongoose Trap.


Ichha pyaari gets caught in a Mongoose Trap.


Sony SAB’s lovable Naagin Ichha (PriyalGor), is resolute on her mission to change the perspective of humans. However, she gets into trouble when Kaushalya Devi (Farida Dadi) doubts that Ichha might be a Naagin and asks Bubble (MishkatVerma) to find out the truth.


The trouble arises when Chirmiri, a Naagin who is adamant about spoiling Ichha’s mission converts into Appu’s school teacher and complains to Dadi about his friendship with IchhadhariNaagin. On the contrary, she threatens the real teacher and principal to be nice with Appu (Sadhil Kapoor) or she will harm them. The terrified principal and teacher goes to Prataap family and apologize for saying wrong things about Naagins. Seeing this situation Dadi gets suspicious. She doubts that Ichha might be a Naagin as she is unfamiliar and asks Bubble to get a mongoose to find her real identity. Bubble who doesn’t want to harm anyone, gets a fake mongoose but unknown to his knowledge Sabal (Rakshit Pant) and Prabal (Praveen Sirohi) replace the toy with an original mongoose.


How will Ichha save herself from this situation? Will Prataap’s find out the Ichha’s real identity?


Sharing her insights on the latest track Priyal Gor,“This time Ichha seems to be caught in a quandary. Whilst, Bubble doesn’t want to rock the boat, Dadi seems adamant to find out the truth. Moreover, this track is particularly interesting as Bubble is torn between finding out the truth and worried that the truth might hurt him.”


To know what happens next watch Ichha pyaari Naagin, Monday – Friday, 8 pm only on Sony SAB!



Atul Malikram




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