Increase your Hollywood Quotient with ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk’ on Sony Le PLEX HD

Increase your Hollywood Quotient with ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk’ on Sony Le PLEX HD


~Five days of every month, Sony Le PLEX HD brings Hollywood Trivia and much more withNeha Sareen, only on ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk’, Monday-Friday at 9:00 PM~


Great conversations start with great topics. Great topics come out of common interests.Common interests include one’s undying love for great movies. Indeed, Movies aregreat conversation starters. These conversations can often unravel some interesting, unknown facts that are common across a diverse set of films – like profession of the characters or their graduation school or scenes shot at the same location or actors having the same name – factors that are random but unique. Sony Le PLEX HD is all set to bring out these interesting binding themes with a brand new slot called ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk’startingMonday,November14, 2016.


Airing once a month,Monday-Friday at 9 PM, the channel will showcase five different movies in ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk’, that are connected on a stringthrough one distinct theme. Creating a premium conversational platform for quality cinema lovers, Sony Le PLEX HD has introducedan innovative way to add to the enthusiasm of movie buffs. Reaching out to the movie lovers, anchor Neha Sareen will share some interesting facts around these themes before the airing of each movie.The first theme on the show is called ‘Dollars in the Diapers’, which connects 5 movies – ThePeople vs. Larry Flynt, Mortdecai, After Earth, Prisoners and Still Alice–with a common theme of actors born with a silver spoon like Edward Norton,Gwyneth Paltrow,Jaden Smith, Jake Gyllenhaal and Kristen Stewart.


The other interesting themes include ‘Bling on the Ring’-Biggest and the Best celebrity engagement rings, ‘The AD-vantage Actors’– actors who started their acting careers with ads and ‘And The Award Doesn’t Go To’-actors you won’t believe haven’t won an Oscar! to name a few.



Saurabh Yagnik, EVP and Business Head, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks India.

“With the tagline‘Where You Belong’, we created a community that brought together different or uncommon people through their common love for films. Listicles fit in with that idea of finding the common in the uncommon. It is a very popular format to drive online conversations amongst communities. We at Sony Le PLEX HD have introduced a new programing slot called ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk’, which takes the trend of conversations around listicles on air.This unconventional programing initiative will be a delight for movie lovers as it gives them reasons to have interesting conversationsthrough the week. The themes focus on finding a unique, unexpected and unusual connection between various films,which is supplemented with interesting information – essentially, fun trivia for movie lovers to discuss with their loved ones.”


~Watch movies in a way never seen before. Tune-in to Sony Le PLEX HD’s ‘It’s 9 O’ Talk’, this is #WhereYouBelong~


About Sony Le Plex HD:

Sony Le PLEX HD is the premium Hollywood movie channel from the English Cluster of Sony Pictures Networks India Private Limited (SPN). The channel caters to avid English movie lovers who enjoy watching critically acclaimed Hollywood cinema. With the brand tagline Where You Belong, the channel serves as a premium hangout for movie lovers to connect & converse over quality Hollywood movies. The channel has unique programming properties like Le Premiere, where one can catch 52 premieres in 52 weeks of the year and Its 9O’ Talk, a monthly programing initiative that connects 5 movies across the week through a common theme. The channel boasts of 400 plus movie titles that include 200 award winning movies with over 500 awards between them. Sony Le PLEX HD is available across DTH and digital cable platforms.
SPN is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation which owns and operates the Sony Entertainment network of television channels. Sony Le PLEX HD is a part of the network of leading channels like MAX, SAB, PIX, MIX, SIX, KIX, PAL, MAX2, AATH, AXN, ANIMAX, and more!


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