Films on Tribals incorporated this year in Khajuraho film festival

Films on Tribals incorporated this year in Khajuraho film festival

This is 2nd Khajuraho international film festival commencing from 8 – 14 dec in association with Govt of MP & Prayas production Pvt Ltd.According to Mr Raja bundela from Prayas Production Pvt Ltd Khajuraio film festival is the only show which is organised at famous historical places with no awards.His year rural centric movies has been changed to International Tribal film category. Categories are as under ;

  1. Women director
    2. First movie as a director
    3. Retrospective – Bonnie Kapoor
    4. Retrospective – Abbas Kiya Roastami

    Film industry personalities Anurag basu, bonnie kapoor, gopi desai, romi zafari has confirmed their presence in the festival. Manmohan shetty, Pralahad kakkad, numda sinha will support in the execution of the event, other actors & producers will also join this great festival.

    Feature films & small documentry movies from 20 countries across the globe will be telecasted. A movie on MP will also be broadcasted so as to encourage the state tourism. Cinema apart from entertainment also play important role for the betterment of the society. Its a matter of pleasure & honour our movies are telecasted alongwith international films. Through various cultural activities we make people understand our culture & scoiety.

    People are eagerly waiting for the 2nd Khajuraho film festival. Definetely this event will left good memories for all visitors & actors.


For More Information Please contact

Mr Atul Malikram @9755020247


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