Now, an app to pay domestic help!

Now, an app to pay domestic help!

Stay smart, go cashless with domestic help payments and contribute to their financial inclusion too!

Mumbai, November, 2016: Demonitisation woes may have slightly eased for those of us who have switched to cashless payments but it still spells uncertainty for the unorganised sector that deals predominantly in cash.

Your domestic help, for instance, may be worried about how they are going to be paid at the end of the month. Enter SERV’D.

All you need to do is register your domestic help on the app, complete registration formalities and you are all set to go cashless when it comes to paying them for services!

What is SERV’D? SERV’D is a one-of-its-kind impact enterprise with the loftier goal of financial inclusion and economic empowerment of the domestic help segment.

This application brings together Service Providers (maids, cooks, drivers, nannies and may more) and Service Consumers (people who avail the services of this segment) on a common platform where everything from managing attendance to payment of salaries and establishment of credit history is taken care of, digitally.

While you will have conserved cash by switching to SERV’D, you will also have initiated your domestic help on the path to financial inclusion, a goal that the Government has been working towards through introduction of several schemes such as the Jan Dhan Yojana.

Call-out line: The International Labour Organisation, quoting the National Statistical Survey Organisation Employment-Unemployment report 2004, estimates that at least 2 per cent of the country’s total population is engaged in domestic workforce.

“Serv’D is not just servicing a short-term requirement of going cashless in the light of the recent demonitisation move. By being on the platform, Service Providers will be able to establish a history and subsequently access institutional credit for a variety of purposes – education/marriages of children, insurance, mediclaims etc. Our long-term vision is to ensure financial inclusion of those in the unorganized sector by bringing them under the ambit of the organised,” says Jatin Agarwal, Co-founder, Serv’D.

The payment system provided by the SERV’D App is among the only ones which allows peer-to-peer payments. So payments to Service providers can be done using credit/debit cards or net banking. Thus helping Service Consumers go cashless at a critical juncture while ensuring Service Providers are paid their due in time.

While the App spells convenience for the Service Consumer, it also results in economic empowerment for the Service Provider.

The Serv’D app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

About SERV’D:

SERV’D Tech Pvt. Ltd (SERV’D) is a fin-tech platform that aims at ‘organizing’ the unorganized workforce, which includes millions of ‘unregistered’ workers in a typical household – maids/ housekeepers, cooks, nannies, drivers and more. This service aims to bring accountability, professionalism and discipline to this sector by ensuring the service providers are registered and documented; and therefore over time, creating a legitimate legal work history for them that enables them to assimilate into the mainstream via financial inclusion. In the long turn, this initiative will enable them access to financial loans thus removing the need for Service Consumers to be the Service Provider’s personal banker. Service Consumers can now use the application as a Home Management System that provides a dashboard to efficiently manage their domestic help on the go and helps marks leaves and give ratings and reviews among other features.



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