Arthur from ‘Total Dreamer’ is accident prone!

Arthur from ‘Total Dreamer’ is accident prone!

Mumbai, May 2017: Fábio Assunção, known for his brilliant performances amongst his fans, is winning hearts of Indian audiences with his portrayal as Arthur in ‘Total Dreamer’. Ensuring that fans of Zindagi do not miss the original episode of their favorite show, Total Dreamer, that airs in Hindi every Monday to Saturday will now be aired twice on the same day at the dual time band of 2 PM & 9 PM respectively only on Zindagi. On sets however Fabio is famous for another reason altogether i.e. he is known for being accident -prone. In fact due to the injuries Fabio sustained while shooting for Total Dreamer, the writers were forced to alter the plot and include his bandaged hand and crippled foot in the show.

Talking about his accidents, Fábio Assunção a.k.a. Arthur said, “I have had four surgeries last year, three on my hand due to a ruptured left ligament, and the fourth one on my left foot. My foot had to be put in plaster to be able to complete the show on time.”

‘Total Dreamer’ is the story of Eliza (Marina Ruy Barbosa), a beautiful young girl who lives a simple life. Her ultimate dream is to provide a better life for her family. She lives with her mother, siblings and her step-father. With the aid of her mother, Gilda, Eliza escapes from home after being harassed by her step-father, to try her luck in the big city. Her life takes a dramatic change when she meets Arthur (Fabio Assunção), the owner of Excalibur – a modelling agency, who promises to make her a successful model.

As destiny offers Eliza the world on a silver platter, will she honour her simple dreams or will she get carried away with the glitz and glam of the fashion world?

Watch Fábio Assunção as Arthur in ‘Total Dreamer’ in Hindi every Monday to Saturday at 2 PM & 9 PM on Zindagi!!!


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