Dinanath’s wife, Suhasini’s life to be danger


Dinanath’s wife, Suhasini’s life to be danger


Sony SAB’s Trideviyaan, Dhanu (Aishwarya Sakhuja), Tanu (Samaira Rao) and Manu (Shalini Sahuta) have been fighting and defeating the goons in order to save the world from the evil. However, now it’s time for them to save their own family but the task for them is to help their family without revealing their real identity.


The entire Chauhan family is astonished with Bharti’s (Sapna Thakur) entry. Bharti who claims to be Dinanath’s wife actually has a hidden motive to enter the house. Bharti is in alliance with Gamosha (Ranjeet) and Teetu (Swatantra Bharat), the main villains who have been put behind the bars by Dinanath and his Trideviyaan. She enters the house only to destroy the entire family and take her revenge from Dinanath (Rituraj Singh) and Trideviyaan. She conspires against Dhanu’s husband, Shaurya (Anshul Trivedi) but Trideviyaan somehow manages to save him. Frustrated with her failed plan, she further decides to plant a bomb inside the Chauhan house. She ties Sushasini, Dinannath’s real wife with a live bomb.


How will Trideviyaan now save the family without revealing their identity?


Commenting on the track Dhurvee Haldankar a.k.a Suhasini said, “Dinanath has just come from New York and soon a girl comes to Chauhan house claiming to be his wife. Suhasini being herself immediately doubts Dinanath. She is unaware of the fact that Dinanath is a secret agent and Bharti is actually a criminal who is in their house for a revenge. The funny part is where she keeps competing with her on every occasion but eventually she is stuck with her when she ties her with live bomb.”


To watch Trideviyaan once again in action, tune into Trideviyaan Monday to Friday at 9.30pm only on Sony SAB!!



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