The lead of Ghulaam, Param Singh was in Lucknow for promotions of his show

The truth is that lions can never be tamed. Even if they are, it’s only a matter of time

 ~The lead of Ghulaam, Param Singh was in Lucknow for promotions of his show~

6th June, 2017: With the Hindi GEC gamut churning the usual saas bahu related kitchen politics and supernatural stories to the audience, Life OK brings to you, a story from the heartland of India, the saga of Rangeela an anti-hero, who is fearless, ferocious yet a man puppet in Berahampur who eventually turns rebel and revolts against his master Veer. Param Singh, was in Lucknow to thank the audience for the completion of 100 episodes and for their immense support for his show Ghulaam.

It’s been only 4 months that the show went on-air, however the popularity of the show is immense and growing day by day. The show is inspired from real life instances which are prevalent in our country but have not been depicted before. Hence through Ghulaam, these events such as rape, making women go bald, etc are getting a platform to be shown as most of these cases go unreported. These shocking visuals, edge of seat moment, and constant twists in the plot is what is keeping the audience engaged with the show and making them sit up and take notice of the ‘never seen before’ ordeal of women and a story of a tamed lion.

Param Singh, the protagonist is playing an anti-hero, which is a first for him. His character is that of a man slave who can do anything for his master. He unfaithfully marries Shivani, for his master and brings her to the no mercy land of ‘Berahampur’. Now in the story, Rangeela will finally decide to defy his master and revolt against Veer, thus bringing a changing the fate of Berehampur.

“Rangeela has many layers to his character. He is fearless, ferocious and was a puppet in his master’s hands. But now he is no more a tamed lion and has revolted against his master. He is finally put an end to his Ghulaami and will keep challenging his master Veer. It will be interesting for the viewers to see the faceoff between Rangeela and Veer. “ Says, Param Singh

The actor further adds, “ Rangeela will change the fate of Berahampur and I am really excited for this track. This show has given me immense popularity and has helped me grow as an actor as I get to play several shades in one character itself. Hope we keep entertaining the audience through our show. We recently completed 100 episodes, I really feel delighted with the journey so far.”Commented Param Singh. “Commented Param Singh

Talking to Param about Lucknow he says, “My Mother being from Lucknow, this place will always remain close to my heart. I love everything about Lucknow, be it the culture, food, its people or the hospitality. I can’t explain my delight on visiting this wonderful city and the warm welcome I got was heart-warming. Additionally, I’m a big foodie and for me there is no greater love than the love of food. So I tried the famous Lucknowee Tunday Kabab and biryani and needless to say, it’s to die for.”




Will Rangeela ever be able to make Berahampur, Rahampur?


Watch Ghulaam, Monday-Friday 9:00pm only on Life OK


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