With father’s day round the corner, it’s time to pick a perfect gift for the first hero of your life.


SEIKO India presents an array of watches that accentuates the charisma of father –Premier, Presage, Astron.



The hard task masteris the traditional dad. He wants you to score well, get a good job, and reach home at time. In short be at the top of things just like him. Be a successful businessman, a leader.  He doesn’t want you to go astray and thus keep a strict watch on you. You see, his watch never ends. Gift the hard task master a traditional watch that will never go out of style. The charm of a simple traditional watch isirreplaceable. It’s just the three hands going around in peace.

Seiko’s Premier: Starting from INR 32,500; Water Resistance: 3bar; Case: Stainless Steel: Case Size: 38.2mm



He belongs to the rare species of fathers who are found with their children playing cricket or FIFA and laughing with them. They are the friendly fathers, who are a rarity. These fathers understand you, and can be also seen hanging out with your friends. They adapt with the technology. They grow and live with you. They tell you about their adventures and let you have yours. Gift Seiko’s Astron GPS Solar watch to your adventurer.

Astron GPS Solar: Starting from INR 1,30,000;Water Resistance: 10bar;Case: Stainless Steel; Case Size: 45.5mm



Minimalism is their defining personality trait. You will hardly hear these dads speaking above the normal range of decibels. They are a breed of classy, intellectual dads, whose advice on books can be taken blindly. And these dads are connoisseurs; they love their drink and can teach you a thing or two about what to drink.The Presage cocktail collection offers a range of watches inspired by various cocktails.  This will be the perfect gift for a wine lover dad.

Seiko’s Presage: Starting from INR 29,500; Water Resistance: 5 bar; Case: Stainless Steel; Case size: 40.5mm; No. of Jewels: 23


About Seiko

Founded in 1881, SEIKO is globally renowned for its  innovation in precision timekeeping and has introduced many landmark innovations – starting with the production of Japan’s first wristwatch in 1913 and including the creation of the world’s first quartz watch in 1969, and very recently in 2012, the world’s first GPS solar watch ASTRON. Today, having been in India for just 9 years, it is the fastest growing brand in the premium watch segment in the country.


While watches remain the heart of SEIKO’s business, its technological expertise in micro-engineering, metallurgy and mechatronics has caused the company to expand into many diverse fields including camera components, other precision instruments, eye glasses, as well as sports timing products.


SEIKO Watch India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of SEIKO Watch Corporation, Japan. Set up in 2007, it is headquartered in Bangalore. Established with the intention of addressing the discerning needs of the Indian consumer, the company brings to India SEIKO’s best and latest watches.



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