Karan Veer Mehra talks about being a Producer in Sony SAB’s TV, Biwiaur Main

Karan Veer Mehra talks about being a Producer in Sony SAB’s TV, Biwiaur Main


Sony SAB’s is coming up with a latest comedy series TV, Biwiaur Main. Karan Veer Mehra will be playing the role of a producer in the show. Coming back on television with a comedy genre, karan talks about his experience acting as a producer. Here is a brief conversation with him


What made you choose this show?

I always wanted to work with Shashi Sumeet Productions but it never worked out before. This time with TV, Biwiaur Mein it worked out quite well for both of us. Also, this show is giving me an opportunity to be closest with the television industry, as this show is actually a daily soap inside a daily soap.


Tell us about your character.

Rajeev is a producer who is constantly juggling between his personal life as a husband, as a son, as a father and in his professional life as a producer. He is always stuck between his family and his daily soap. His mother and wife are in a constant rift in which Rajeev is stuck between them.


Have you ever stuck between your mother and wife in real life?

I totally understand how Rajeev will feel when he is stuck between his mother and his wife because I have gone through similar things. I can totally relate to it.


How did you prepare for your role?

He happens to be a producer in the show. His traits are exactly like a businessman who wants to sell his products. I studied a lot about my character and it bears a resemblance to a businessman who uses strategies and processes to function and grow his business. This makes it easy for me to understand and behave like a producer.


How does it feel switching to comedy from a serious drama like your previous shows?

Comedy comes very naturally to me. I have grown up seeing all the best of comedy movies and all of which had the best of comedy timings. Even Shashi ma’am tells me that I have very good comic timing. Though I always wanted to do something in comedy on television, it never happened. TV, BiwiAur Mein was the right opportunity for me.


What do you think makes a daily soap hit? A producer or an actor or a good script?

To be honest no one can actually say that, I have worked in a show which had a good script and who’s who of television industry were involved and still it didn’t work and I have also worked in a show which was not supposed to work and it did wonders. So, technically no one can predict who will work and what will work. If there would have been such formula then every show would have been a hit.




Catch handsome Karan Veer Mehra in TV, BiwiaurMain whichwill air from 13th June, Monday – Friday at 9.30pm only on Sony SAB!!




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