Sumit Arora and AnjitaPonia share a Jaipur Connection

Sumit Arora and AnjitaPonia share a Jaipur Connection


We get excited when we find people from same hometown. It makes us comfortable and one can instantly feel connected to the person. Recently something similar happened on the sets of Chidiyaghar. The new cast of Grown up Gajj&Gillu and Chamgadadh is the latest addition on the set and the existing cast is leaving no stone upturned to make the set more friendly and comfortable for them. When Sumit Aroraa.k.aGomukh met her new on screen daughter AnjitaPoniaa.k.aGajj, they immediately connected. The reason being, both hail from Jaipur.


While this is Anjita’s first television stint, when she came on the set for the first time and met her on screen father, she connected instantly with him when she got to know that Sumit is also from Jaipur. She felt like a homecoming of sorts. Whereas for Sumit it was a very pleasant feeling where he has someone from same hometown.


Anijta who was happy to share her experience said, “I was so happy to find someone from same hometown. I was nervous on my first day but when I got to know that Sumit sir is from Jaipur, I was overjoyed. I think I was comfortable with the thought that I have something common with my on-screen father.”


To watch this interesting daughter – father Jodi, tune into Chidiyaghar, Monday – Friday, at 8pm only on Sony SAB!!




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