In conversation with Hussain Kuwajerwala

In conversation with Hussain Kuwajerwala

The handsome and multitalented actor Hussain Kuwajerwala is currently seen in Sony SAB’S newly launched show Sajjan Re PhirJhooth Mat Bolo as Jaiveer Chopra. Jaiveer, a son of multi millionare businessman falls in love with Jaya a simple middle class girl. Her father believes in simple and hence hate rich people. In the fear of losing Jaya, Jai lies about being poor. And thus the journey of lies starts for him. Here is a brief conversation with him on his new role and what is his take on jhooth.

How does it feel to make a comeback on small screen?

I actually don’t feel like a comeback. The time must have gone but I was never away from the industry. I had been doing a lot of reality shows.

What made you choose a comedy show like ‘Sajjan re PhirJhooth Mat Bolo’?

I certainly was missing my shooting days, working on the sets and all those drama. Also, this show does not promote slapstick comedy. It’s a very situational comedy and I always wanted to be a part of such comedy show. However, I have never done comedy so this was a challenging role for me and hence I accepted it.

Tell us about your character Jaiveer

Jaiveer is certainly very rich business tycoon. He is rich but is very down to earth and humble. He wants someone to fall in love with him and not with his status. He is happy go lucky person, but has a little tint of naughtiness as well

This is second part from the series and audience has a lot of expectations from you. Do you feel any pressure?

They might compare but I always believe that a person should do his job out of pure dedication and the rest will work out. Speaking of the previous season, I frankly have not seen the previous season and I think that’s the best because then I will compare or try to be like someone else.

How did you prepare yourself for comedy?

Comedy doesn’t come easy to me as this is my first comedy show. However, I feel I am in the right hand and my producers would definitely train me well as they are pioneers in comedy genre.

Catch Hussain Kuwajerwala in Sajjan Re PhirJhooth Mat Bolo from Monday-Friday at 9 pm only on Sony SAB!


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