Who will be the Indore Chef 2017?


Who will be the Indore Chef 2017?

Health 24×7’s Recipe Competition on Whatsapp.

Indore: Health 24×7 is the new center for conscious Indoriens. World’s leading company Nature Land’s organic food products are available at the Health 24×7 store. Festivals also start with monsoon. There is a tradition of making special dishes at the festival, due to lack of time, health problems, and changing habits of catering festivals have changed and landscape. In such a way, Health 24×7 brought the unique dishes contest for women.

You need not to visit anywhere and take part in the contest, just make your favorite dish and click its photo. And send this photo with recipes, ingredients and method on Whatsapp.

Method to participate in the Competition

Get registered yourself with Health24x7 by Whatapp on this mobile no. 9755020247. Send the photograph of your dish with its procedure and ingredients. In completion the dish can be sweet or salty/spicy, but additional marks will be there if dish will be beneficial and healthy with unique name.

Competition is starting from 1st July and the results will be announced on 15th July. Winners will be notified on their mobile phone itself. Apart from the title of “Indore chef 2017” winners will get cash prizes also of 5000, 3000, 2000 respectively.

Rules of Contest

  1. Only one recipe can be sent from 1 mobile no. and only women can participate in the competition.
  2. Judge of the competition will be the Senior Officers of Nature Land and Indore Chef.
  3. Result of Health 24×7 will be Final and Valid.
  4. Your recipe should be real and yours, it shouldn’t be copied from Google or anywhere. If find then participant will be straight away out of the competition.

Health 24×7 provides organic food products and take care of your health and this unique dishes competition will bring women’s cooking to everyone.

With this competition we respect women and want to bring their abilities in front of everyone.

So hurry up Indore ladies get your registrations done on Whatsapp and Rock the competition.


For More information, please contact:

PR 24×7 Network Limited

Atul  Malikram@9755020247



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