Gramophone Wins “Best Agritech Start-ups Award-2018”

Gramophone Wins “Best Agritech Start-ups Award-2018”
– The prime focus of app is to increase the productivity.
Today information technology has changed the world a lot. There are heaps of facilities available through the means of mobile phone. But it has never been tried to solve farming related problems of farmers through this means. Gramophone is a mobile app made only for farmers and is a rightful effort in this direction. This app is working with farmers and trying to solve their problems, so that they can get instant solution to their problems during the crop cycle and get expert advice.
This incredible app has been placed in 10 Best Agritech Startups-2018 by Silicon India Stat-up City Magazine. The founders of this app Mr. Nishant Vats, Mr. Touseef Khan, Mr. Harshit Gupta and Mr. Ashish Singh were felicitated at a grand event.
What is Gramophone?
Gramophone is a mobile app made to solve problems of farmers instantly. Gramophone app is designed to give instant relief to farmers from their farming related problems during the crop cycle and to make expert advice available for farmers. On this app experts will directly talk to the farmers and will provide solution to their problems. There is continuous work going on to update the app. For more information you can call on toll free no 18003157566.
App is Helpful for Farmers
Farmers face a lot of problems related to farming to which they have no right solution. Many times it happens that farmers need some information during farming which they don’t have access to and they make mistakes. Through this app farmers can tell their problems instantly to experts and get solutions. They can even share their problems and curiosities with other farmers who are advanced or similar to them. With this app farmers can solve every type of problem related to farming. Farmers can get information regarding use of seeds, insecticides, medicines and other reliable products. Other than this, farmers can use this app to know about weather and market price.

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