Youth should understand the importance of Religion- Swami Umakantanand Saraswati

Youth should understand the importance of Religion- Swami Umakantanand Saraswati

The need of today’s times is to understand the youth, religion and religiousness. Usually a religious person is considered as a hardcore person, but that is not being religious. In reality, working towards the fundamental qualities is religiousness. Fundamentals are natural.

To understand the religion, first understand their fundamentals and nature. For example- Fire’s fundamental quality is to burn, ice’s fundamental quality is to cool, and this is only their religion, this is only their nature, similarly a religious person’s nature consists of tolerance, pity, forgiveness etc. and to behave according to these qualities is religion. Religion doesn’t only mean praying, chanting or worshipping. Implementing these qualities and behaving like every other creature is religion. This is why a non-religious person or an atheist is considered harmful for the society because there is no quality of goodness in his nature.

In Haridwar, Uttarakhand, supervisor of Juna arena-kankhal, Swami Dr. Umakant Saraswati Maharaj during his visit to Mumbai, expressed his views in an interview and said that all the problem’s of today’s era are due to deformed concerns and forms of religion. Just the way watering is done to keep the plants green, similarly to know the solution of youth’s problems, we will have to get to the roots. Thus both internal and external nature should be understood.

Youth getting attracted towards western culture is departing from the religion and to get them on right path, we have to tug them towards tradition and sacraments and will have to present the right facets of religion to them. If heart and right facets of religion could be explained, it won’t take much time for them to accept the same. India has been a teacher to the world because of its knowledge and ample of knowledge is preserved in our Vedas. Today it is important to rightly translate through the appropriate medium and present it to the world, so that once again, the generations to come will consider India as a supreme knowledge to the world.

It is also the responsibility of the youth to understand the nature and fundamentals of a religion and to rightly connect and accept it in their lives. Religion is not being hardcore, but is a fundamental nature and behavior; this has to be properly conveyed to the youth.


Donors can get free Insurance

Donors can get free Insurance

Blood donation is a great donation. When any patient needs blood, and they get it on time, his life is saved; it is considered a godly deed or a blessing. Also, blood can only be transferred in case of a similar blood group of patient and the donor. Thus, finding matching blood group on time is important.

Indore has one blood call centre, where on one call you can admit yourself in the queue of donation and can also use this helpline in blood’s need by any patient.

Sometimes you do not get the blood on time, taking care of such situation; commencement of Insurance policy took place. In future, if you/your family need blood, this centre will help you to connect with donors and fulfill your need from within the town. Every town has a centre. If you have ever donated blood in any centre before, you can avail the service of this centre from any city.

People do not donate as much as it is required, thus, Insuarnce aims at making more people aware about blood donation. Thus, in case of any emergency, blood can be arranged. Blood call centre’s founder Ashok Nayak says that recently people have started getting aware and until all patients get blood in times of need, Insurance support will continue. About 45,000 people are associated with this centre now. Our motive is to provide easy access to the people in need of blood. About 500 donors have registered themselves by now. You also please take a step ahead towards contributing in social service.

A Bomb Alert Terrorizes SAB’s Chidiyaghar

Saraansh Verma as Kapi in Sony SAB's Chidiyaghar.JPG


In this week’s track, everyone is terrified with the news of terrorists loaded with bombs entering the city. Babuji tries to warn everyone to be alert and not touch anything accidentally which could turn out to be a bomb.



On the next day, the youngest son Kapi and Babuji head out to an ATM far away to withdraw money of smaller denominations. While in the ATM queue, a man standing before Kapi requests him to hold his bag while he visits the washroom. Kapi courteously holds the bag. However, it is shown that the bag had a bomb in it!


Two men had planted that bomb as an act of revenge against the Government, because they had lost a large sum of money due to demonetization. They chose that ATM because there was a huge crowd gathered there.


Kapi found it strange when the man does not return for a very long time. With a strong suspicion, Kapi alerts the guards about the bag which could contain a bomb. The guards call for the police, and the media also arrives at the scene. Kapi is told not to move. Everyone watches Kapi as he stands still.


The two men who had planted the bomb observe from a distance, and decide that just when the crowd is a large enough near Kapi, they plan to press the button enabling a bomb blast!


Saraansh Verma who plays Kapi’s role in the show, said, “It was quite a task standing still for the shot when I am holding the bag containing the bomb! Nonetheless, this week’s track is a very enlightening one. It is very very important to be alert during festivals and other occasions when you head out to a crowded area, especially, when there is a high alert in the city. One small effort from our end can be of great help to the police, and save a lot of lives from terrorism.”


What will happen next? Will the police be able to save Kapi’s life?


To find out tune into Chidiyaghar, Monday to Friday, 9pm only on Sony SAB!!!




~Hosted by Pritam Singh, the show starts from January 9 from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 PM~

Marking the beginning of an exciting new year, BIG Magic, the light hearted comedy channel brings a unique offering ‘BIG Memsaab’, a dance reality show for housewives. The show, which aims to motivate housewives and bring out the hidden passion they have for dance, is making its way to BIG Magic viewers. Karishma Tanna and Sambhavana Seth will be the celebrity judges while Pritam Singh will host the show.

The show is all set to start from January 9, every Monday to Thursday at 7:30 PM. Adding more glitz to it, a special one hour episode will run on Thursdays with new celebrities coming on the show to motivate the contestants. BIG Memsaab, in the most entertaining manner, provides housewives a platform to harness their dancing talent. Forty talented housewives have been selected across the nation and will compete for the throne of the BIG Memsaab.

Speaking about the new show, actress Karishma Tanna said, “Housewives are believed to have their hands full with household chores, and tending to their families. ‘Big Memsaab’ challenges this very belief by giving them a platform to showcase their hidden talent. Being an artist and a woman, the theme of the show makes me incredibly proud. We have started shooting for the show and the contestants are immensely talented. The competition is going to get tougher as the show progresses, making the task to choose a winner difficult for us judges.”

Speaking about her association, Sambhavana Seth said, “I have always been passionate about dancing. It is a unique experience to judge a dance reality show that inspires housewives to live their dreams. I can absolutely relate to them, their struggles and unconditional love for dance, and I am ecstatic to be a part of the show. I am sure that the audience will love the concept, and the show will go on to achieve immense popularity.”

Watch BIG Memsaab exclusively on BIG Magic from January 9, Monday to Thursday at 7:30 PM.


In Conversation with the Latest Superhero of Television; Anirudh Dave

Anirudh Dave as Yo Man in Sony Sab's Y.A.R.O. Ka Tashan.jpg

Sony Sab’s Y.A.R.O KaTashan brings in a fresh twist in the plot


After a successful completion of more than 100 episodes, Y.A.R.O KaTashan which is one of Sony Sab’s most popular science fiction shows is witnessing a divergent shift when Yaaro the humanoid transforms himself into a superhero called ‘Yo Man’.

Here are some excerpts from the interview with Anirudh Dave who plays the role of ‘Yo Man’.


  1. Tell us about your new look as ‘Yo Man’ the superhero

When you shoot for a particular character, it is vital that all the aspects including your make up, attire and the whole look is apt for the character. I love the new look of Yaro which is ‘Yo Man’. Personally, I love water and adventure sports and for this role my attire is very similar to the gear you generally wear for these sports, hence I am very comfortable shooting in it. Additionally, the body suit has armor like metal knee guards and puffed up shoulders, which is a great motivating factor for me. It makes me feel like I am real superhero.


  1. What has been your experience working with veteran actor like ShomaAnand who plays the Dadi’s role in the serial?

Can’t express the level of comfort she brings to the set when she’s shooting! She has been part of this industry for nearly 40 years! And since I can remember, I have seen her in multiple films and television serials. It’s an honor to work with her.  She is so senior in the industry, however, her demeanor is still so down to earth and humble. She is frank, never made me feel uncomfortable with the age difference. She is very approachable and we discuss many things just like friends! She also shares a lot of her past experiences with me, how it was like working 40 years back and her experiences working with some legendary actors of the time.


  1. Who would you consider as your favorite super hero?

To be honest, I don’t have any favorite super hero as such, but I believe that there is a super hero in every person. I strongly feel that whoever is takes an effort to better the society, constantly paying attention to their surroundings and reacting when necessary to bring about a positive change in society is equivalent to a superhero.


  1. If you could have one superpower in real life, what would it be?

I really would like some kind of power that could allow me to predict what bad things are going to happen in the future. So that I can change the present accordingly and avoid the problem altogether.


  1. How will you use your super power to do good to the society?

I will use it to better society, help the needy by foreseeing their problems. Control any mishaps or accidents if I see any. Maybe reduce the suicide rates, just anything to not allow anything bad to take place.


Watch Yaro as he transforms himself to ‘Yo Man’ only on Sony Sab’s Y.A.R.O KaTashan every Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm!


Sulbha Arya and Umang Jain Spill the Beans about Their Off-Screen Relationship


Your workplace can turn out to be a paradise when you have amazing co-workers. Same is the case of Umang Jain and veteran actor Sulbha Arya who are shooting for Sony Sab TV’s latest romantic comedy mini-series Khatmal-E-Ishque.  Sulbha Arya who plays the cheerful Nani and Umang Jain in the lead role of female protagonist in Khatmal-E-Ishque have developed an exceptional off-screen bond which is reflected very charmingly on their onscreen performances.They love each other’s company, miss each other when one of them is not on set, lunch together, dance to music in their vanity and are just like any other BFF’s! In one instance when Umang was feeling under the weather, Sulbha Arya went out of her way to take care of her, just like she would with her own children.

Commenting on their unique friendship, Umang Jain playing the granddaughter Lovina, said “SulbhaMaamis a total thorough darling and I am in complete awe of her.She is one of the nicest person that I have worked withand is a graceful and elegant actor. I hope that when I grow old I am as elegantand gracefulas she is. In the show she is the only individual who knows about my feelings for Kapildev played by Vishal Malhotra. Even though there is a huge generation gap between us, she is very open minded and supportive.”

Similarly, Sulbha Arya playing the protective Nani of Lovina in the show, said “Knowing Lovina’s secret my character in the show is very supportive towards them, she knows that both love each other and feels that whether he is a traffic cop or from the army/military background should not matter. I have the same view in real life as well. That’s why I say that if father does not allow I will do it for you. I support them from my heart. We feel very bad when the rest are shooting and I don’t have to go on set. One time umang was not feeling very well during shoot. But I really felt like my own child is unwell and trying my best to make her feel comfortable just like real family.

Tune in to watch ‘Khatmal-E-Ishque’ from Monday – Friday at 10 pm only on Sony SAB!









Agra,19thDec., 2016:Noble Natural Resources, an Indian arm of COFCO Agri, aUSD $30 billion Agri Business MNC,invested around Rs. 150 croresin a State-of-the-Art Edible Oil Refinery at Kandla, Gujarat.  The refinery has acapacity of 1400 MT per day,meeting all global best practices of safety, hygiene and quality.

From its first full year of the operations during 2014, the Company established itself as a preferred supplier in the Bulk Edible Oil market among institutional buyers.The quality of product was highly appreciated by the end-consumers which included India’s various food companies. Continuing the success story of 2014, the Company entered into the Branded edible Oil segment by launching the Brand “NUTRILIVE”.  This brand captured a sizeable market penetration in northern and western India within a year of its launch, with a strong distribution and retail network of 21 stock points catering to over 700 distributors in 11 states in North & West India.

Drawing inspiration from these successes and having served the middle class and major mass consumers with a good quality product at a reasonable price through NUTRILIVE – and with the rising awareness towards the health across the country and to serve the upper middle class and elite segment of consumers –the Company has launchednew value-added premium brand in the edible oil segment:  “NUTRIPRIDE,”focusing on health as well as taste.  The Company is confident of making strong inroads in the Indian kitchen by capturing the critical mindshare of Indian women.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Samir Desai, Managing Director (G&O) at Noble Natural, said,“We are happy to launch NUTRIPRIDE Premium Soyabean oil and we are confident of gaining a sizeable marketshare and a permanent place on the kitchen shelves as a key cooking ingredient. We believe that if you have a good product which serves the need of the consumer then you will win a loyal customer base and growing market share over a period of time.” He added:This will complement our existing product NUTRILIVE, which has been a great success. NUTRIPRIDEis a value-added product with enhanced nutrition benefits and is being produced in our world class refinery, ensuring global best practices of health &safety, hygiene and quality”.   He further added, “We believe in servicing our customers through good qualityproducts consistently at reasonable prices.”


NUTRIPRIDE is available in a variety of easy and convenient storage and packaging options catering to moderate to large kitchen usage. Initially, it will be available across Northern and Western India.


Speaking on the cookery benefits, Ms. Nita Mehta, Celebrity chef and cookbook author said,“People now are health conscious and prefer healthier alternatives including oil, which is an integral part of Indian cooking, “NUTRIPRIDE” Premium Soyabean Refined Oilhas DimethyPolysiloxane (DMPS), which leads to lower absorption of oil by food. It is not just light but smooth and neutral in taste and therefore enhances the rich flavours of Indian food.


She added: “Fortified with  Vitamins A and D, NUTRIPRIDE brings an unbeatable advantage to the heart and overall health. The anti-oxidants add a booster shot to the longevity of oil and goodness of soya which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids helps maintain an active lifestyle.”


Soyabean oil is witnessing a healthy growth of 13 %owing to rising health concerns of traditional alternatives, and the growing awareness of its soyabean oil’s benefits. Moreover the branded segment of refined soybean oil is growing at a pace of over 25%.


Operating in some of the world’s most resource-rich, origination markets, CofcoAgri handles a diverse range of agricultural products, supplying a global customer base. It operates an arsenal of assets to support the sourcing, processing, storage and marketing of a wide spectrum of essential raw materials – from grains, oilseeds, vegoilsand sugar to coffee & cotton.


COFCO Agrihas an end-to-end presence in the Indian market.